Exciting news has swept through the charming coastal town of Murrells Inlet, as Twisters Ice Cream, a beloved local establishment, is set to reopen its doors in a prime location just across from Creek Ratz. This development has left residents and visitors buzzing with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the sweet and refreshing treats that Twisters Ice Cream has become known for.

Twisters Ice Cream has a long history in Murrells Inlet, dating back several decades. The original location, a small ice cream parlor tucked away on a side street, quickly gained a loyal following with its delectable homemade ice cream flavors and friendly service. Families, couples, and friends would gather at Twisters, forming fond memories while indulging in scoops of creamy goodness.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the old Twisters location had to close its doors due to unforeseen circumstances. The news of its closure left many locals disheartened, as they had come to associate Twisters Ice Cream with the essence of their community.

However, the setback was short-lived, as the owners of Twisters Ice Cream were determined to bring back the beloved establishment. After months of planning and searching for the perfect spot, they found an ideal location directly across from Creek Ratz, a popular waterfront restaurant known for its laid-back atmosphere and delicious seafood.